RGB-kansi-nelio-72ppiWojaz – Säieuoma

1. Noaidi
2. Syöty Elävältä
3. Samsaran Pyörteet
4. Canil Cuxtal
5. Lü
6. Intentio
7. Rakkaus On Totuus

CD limited to 150pcs
Release date: 2.5.2014

Ground breaking visions are often set to take path towards megalomanic shape and super human grandeur. Yet in cosmic oneness even the smallest, most seemingless details are given the exact same tendency to gain meaning. With Finnish sound act wojaz, the focus is placed even further with all senses set on the near invisible – singular momentum, the one wojaz himself calls ”one spirit’s path through the currents of kosmos”.

Sonic sound and pulse of Säieuoma is high droning, filled with aural reflections and irrational thought. It is fingerprinted with sense of spiritual and cosmic belief, sacral-like passages and outcries from the ancient.

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