Koiramato - Within Time

Koiramato – Within Time

1. Within Time (68:55)

CD 150pcs
Release date: 27.9.2012

With their debut album, Within Time, Koiramato zooms into the shapes of infinity. At times the compositions can be touching while out of the blue the whole soundscape begins to spread into enormous dimensions. For Koiramato there are no instruments in traditional sense. The whole soundscape is their machine of deliverance.

Within Time is constructed of takes and parts originally recorded for another album produced by Koiramato (Born A Trip by Mr. Peter Hayden). After it became clear that all takes and tracks were not going to end up on the album, Koiramato decided to released themselves another album. That is how Within Time ended up being an album of its own and same time a key to access another level of Born A Trip. You can play the albums simultaneously and dive another step deeper into the trip.

Lammas Zine: 3½/5