a1345952052_10Golden Lampreys – Just Because You Did It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty (2018)

A1. Good Morning Little School Girl
A2. Dangle
B1. OhLord, Set Me Free
B2. Who’s at the Helm

12″ vinyl limited to 200 pieces.
Release date: 2.11.2018

If you’ve ever wondered what a band with Alan Vega, Mika Vainio and Tracy Pew might sound like, you’ve felt the touch of Golden Lampreys. Known from previous work under Sink abstract, late contributions with visual arts collective IC98 and forward thinking techno outfit OSO among others, the dualistic force behind Golden Lampreys, Aarno Kankaanpää and Henrik Wetterstrand, have become a staple in European freeform art scene within the last decade.

Group’s debut EP “Just Because You Did It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty” offers four tracks in gold finished detailing, pressing strictly limited to 200 pieces. So consider this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to be there from the very beginning. The duo has performed their debut gigs in France this summer and will return on the road to celebrate the release via Future Lunch.

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