Koiramato – Within Time (FULU-001, CD, 2012, limited to 150 pcs, released 27th September 2012)
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KOIRAMATO – The musical approach of Koiramato is fresh and pure. In their creations you can hear how the sincere thirst for truth and the unique tendencies fuel each other in a perfect way. Differing from the usual modern artists, Koiramato’s methods and music are impossible to be explained solely as a part of present reality and time.

With the debut album Within Time Koiramato zooms into the shapes of infinity. At times the compositions can be touching and minimalistic while out of the blue the whole soundscape begins to spread into enormous dimensions reaching out for the border of our ability to understand. For Koiramato there are no instruments in traditional sense. The whole soundscape is their machine of deliverance.

We might think we understand them, but their reasons remain unclear and their touch pure and inimitable.