kansiHeikki Hautala – Pyövelin Vaatteet

1. Elävien kirjat
2. Pyövelin vaatteet
3. Ajastamme vieraantuneet
4. Talouden jalka
5. Tulevat kirjoitukset
6. Nämä kädet
7. Huonossa kunnossa
8. Aineet
9. Demonit

Release date: 31.1.2014

Unilateral angle of approach might suggest there’s either only little or no hope at all in what can be predicted of our future. When days of grace are long gone, profound sadness and anger towards human absurdity step forward. Then again even the most hopeless vision has a counter argument written in its paradigm. These prophetic scriptures and modern psychoanalysis from 21st century Northern hemisphere are now here put together by one-man solo effort, Heikki Hautala, titled Pyövelin Vaatteet (roughly translated as Executioners Clothes).

Hautala’s debut full-lenght represents a brute uncanny mixture of sociological stand pouring out with almost revelational – like statues of our habits and nature. Recorded in the woods of Kuru on a four tracker some years prior to its release, the themes come across eternal dilemmas of jinxed behavior and distorted values. For new soil there’s need for determination. And Heikki Hautala is highly determined, with hope and despair in unison.

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