atomikyla_kannet_prev1Atomikylä – Erkale

1. Alkuaineet
2. Erkale
3. Ihmiskallo
4. Who Goes There?
5. Musta Kulta

CD limited to 500pcs
Release date: 10.10.2014

There is a certain force, a kind of mental gravity, that pulls certain people towards the same psychic space and state of mind. Once both Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu were dragged by this force the inevitable finally occurred. Atomikylä was born.

Still caught in the vortex of this force they are searching a way out. Knowing the only way towards freedom is to let it all go through crooked riff spirals and wasted feedback worship. Erkale, their debut album, is a tribute to the lit moments of freedom in Wastement, the asylum for this view on life.

Atomikylä sounds like offspring of buddha and pazuzu from a parallel universe. Utilizing same energies and powers as the motherbands, yet sounding very original. Through the space and psych, heavy and light, one comes up with only one question: Who goes there?

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