Golden Lampreys – I Had My Fun If I Don’t Get Well No More
Cassette, limited to 70pcs, out on August 18th


The passionate sprint of Golden Lampreys that started at the feet of the Pori cotton factory towards the core of electronic acid-blues has come to it´s end. Too much of everything is never enough. Although these unsung heroes of the river delta are too fast to die, eventually the frenzy beat of their music turned sour in the grayness of morning. The blues certainly got a grasp of them and now it´s time to pay the price. This EP, that´s going to be their last, is an evidence of this short chaotic run they had, the toughest hard-on’s of a lifetime, intoxicated hallucinations in the wee hours, sweaty morning afters and spellbound hearts that force to carry on – as broken and weak they are to pump blood to their weary muscles.

Night has come and the deeds are done.
Love failed in the heat of the night.
The blues left scars in their hearts.
Something was gained and something was lost.
The party is over.
But they had their fun even if they won’t get well no more.

Take ride with Golden Lampreys – the elite partner of acidy electro-blues and hear their swansong. They played the Blues and stumbled, so You would not have to.





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