Heikki Hautala & Hyvät Veljet – Rauha Ja Harmonia
Vinyl out on January 19th in co-operation with Full Contact

HH-HV-coverDon’t let the title fool you. Heikki Hautala sings about peace and harmony (Rauha ja harmonia) as a utopian target that everyone tries to reach but no one will.

Known for his revered punk ensemble Sokea Piste (Blind Spot) and an acoustic solo effort Pyövelin vaatteet (Executioner’s Clothes), the instantly recognizable singer-songwriter finds a new kind of vehicle to manifest his apocalyptic lines.

This time Hautala is backed by a solid rock lineup Hyvät veljet, led by Hautala’s inciting, soaring electric guitar motifs. Country, folk and blues elements fuse their way to the distinctive sound. The atmosphere is both menacing and comforting, speed varying from mid-tempo to very very slow.

Fragile beauty of the vocal melodies meets the more grandiloquent beauty of the arrangements. The music finds its path straight into the listener’s soul. High poetry and deep analysis unite when Heikki Hautala examines the state of human individual and the whole humankind with surgical accuracy.

The contrast between the majestic music and dystopic lyrics reaches its high point in the catharsis of the final song Voimat (Forces). Heikki Hautala is one of the most genuine voices of the 21st century.

-Mikko Elo / Pori, Finland, Thu. 7.9.2017

Rauha ja harmonia by Heikki Hautala & Hyvät veljet will be released on Future Lunch and Full Contact Records on Friday 19th of January.

Set your pre-orders: http://futurelunch.bigcartel.com/product/heikki-hautala-hyvat-veljet-rauha-ja-harmonia-lp