Dark Buddha Rising – Live at Roadburn 2012
Cassette, limited to 200 pcs, out on April 4th!

Finnish masters of dark psychedelia proceed onward after their last years epic release of three 12” EP’s entitled Dakhmandal. Now their debut live recording is being released from their much celebrated performance at Roadburn Festival 2012 in Tilburg, Holland via Future Lunch.

Known from their black psychedelic art and performances, the group has gained major acceptance beyond borders. They are now serving you a unique glimpse of their previous guidelines as presented in this 2012 one-of-a-kind event. An event in which minds were trembled and all mountains shook up. Continue reading

kansiUnilateral angle of approach might suggest there’s either only little or no hope at all in what can be predicted of our future. When days of grace are long gone, profound sadness and anger towards human absurdity step forward. Then again even the most hopeless vision has a counter argument written in its paradigm. These prophetic scriptures and modern psychoanalysis from 21st century Northern hemisphere are now here put together by one-man solo effort, Heikki Hautala, titled Pyövelin Vaatteet (roughly translated as Executioners Clothes). Continue reading

Next Future Lunch release will be an EP portrayed by the fresh and furious four-piece from the Arctic Circle, The Zum Wagon.

This Is The Zum Wagon Continue reading

We are happy to announce that the first Future Lunch release is about to be released. Koiramato – Within Time is set free on Thursday 27th of September.

With the debut album Within Time Koiramato zooms into the shapes of infinity. At times the compositions can be touching and minimalistic while out of the blue the whole soundscape begins to spread into enormous dimensions reaching out for the border of our ability to understand. For Koiramato there are no instruments in traditional sense. The whole soundscape is their machine of deliverance. Continue reading