Musti – | | |
Cassette, limited to 66 pieces, out on September 28th

kansi-prevFrom the summery forests of Finland, enlighten by the infinite sun of the nightless nights, Future Lunch is proud to introduce you: Musti and their debut release |||.

The sound swirled at the open sky, while inside four walls were men with demi seasonal jackets on. Oven door bump as doo­wop stomp the legacy.

Musti, a mash­up of a trio from Savo – ­ Satakunta –regions of Finland, bring you their a-game of authentic sound collisions and mixed field ­recordings. Whilst simultaneously leaning on experiment and tradition, in their hearts it’s about natural infinity ­ its self-puzzling mystical bliss of all and nothing. Continue reading

LP, limited to 200 pieces, out on May 6th

VALLIHAUTAFrom the Arctic Circle we bring you Vallihauta, a trio that operates with drums, bass, guitar and one throat. They could have been a hardcore punk band or a traditional doom trio, but instead they kept themselves free of chaining definitions and came up with a crusty presentation of powerful songs without need to limit their beats per minute. Continue reading

Atomikylä – Erkale
CD, limited to 500 pieces, out on October 10th!

atomikyla_kannet_prev1We are proud to share this with you! From the dark caves of Wastement: Atomikylä with their debut release Erkale.

There is a certain force, a kind of mental gravity, that pulls certain people towards the same psychic space and state of mind. Once both Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu were dragged by this force the inevitable finally occurred. Atomikylä was born. Continue reading

Wojaz – Säieuoma
CD, limited to 150 pieces, out on May 2nd!

RGB-kansi-nelio-72ppiGround breaking visions are often set to take path towards megalomanic shape and super human grandeur. Yet in cosmic oneness even the smallest, most seemingless details are given the exact same tendency to gain meaning.

With Finnish sound act wojaz, the focus is placed even further with all senses set on the near invisible – singular momentum, the one wojaz himself calls ”one spirit’s path through the currents of kosmos”. Continue reading

Dark Buddha Rising – Live at Roadburn 2012
Cassette, limited to 200 pcs, out on April 4th!

Finnish masters of dark psychedelia proceed onward after their last years epic release of three 12” EP’s entitled Dakhmandal. Now their debut live recording is being released from their much celebrated performance at Roadburn Festival 2012 in Tilburg, Holland via Future Lunch.

Known from their black psychedelic art and performances, the group has gained major acceptance beyond borders. They are now serving you a unique glimpse of their previous guidelines as presented in this 2012 one-of-a-kind event. An event in which minds were trembled and all mountains shook up. Continue reading