True Lovers – Blessed Are The Lovesick
CD, limited to 100pcs, out on May 28th

We are proud to present you an album that we have been waiting for some years now. This is True Lovers, a brainchild of Mikko13 also known from Ravage Ritual.

True Lovers is modern day vampires playing early 2000’s American rock with the 1980’s post-punk attitude, wearing nothing but leather and sunglasses and ‘Blessed are the lovesick’ is a sincere tribute to the eternal power of unrequited love.

”In True Lovers, the songs tend to find a mixture of the overly romantic side of the late 80’s Whitesnake combined with melancholic longing on a level of Karl Freund’s 1932 directorial masterpiece ‘The Mummy’. On the other hand some songs feast like preying vampire to unrelenting Ministryesque pounding.”

True Lovers is based around compositions by Mikko13, member of hardcore act Ravage Ritual. Live line-up is completed with members of Supreme Havoc, PH etc.

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Golden Lampreys – I Had My Fun If I Don’t Get Well No More
Cassette, limited to 70pcs, out on August 18th


The passionate sprint of Golden Lampreys that started at the feet of the Pori cotton factory towards the core of electronic acid-blues has come to it´s end. Too much of everything is never enough. Although these unsung heroes of the river delta are too fast to die, eventually the frenzy beat of their music turned sour in the grayness of morning. The blues certainly got a grasp of them and now it´s time to pay the price. This EP, that´s going to be their last, is an evidence of this short chaotic run they had, the toughest hard-on’s of a lifetime, intoxicated hallucinations in the wee hours, sweaty morning afters and spellbound hearts that force to carry on – as broken and weak they are to pump blood to their weary muscles.

Night has come and the deeds are done.
Love failed in the heat of the night.
The blues left scars in their hearts.
Something was gained and something was lost.
The party is over.
But they had their fun even if they won’t get well no more.

Take ride with Golden Lampreys – the elite partner of acidy electro-blues and hear their swansong. They played the Blues and stumbled, so You would not have to.





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Musti – |
Cassette, limited to 70pcs, out on September 1st


The triptych finalized.

The root file for | was first sketched during a production meeting in a private hotel suite in 2017. A night of big fun followed a set of panic attacks next midday. Zenning, percussive moment around a white metal table assembled the trio back to one and was the only document recorded from that period.

It got later composed as a backdrop for the groups first public performances held at an Eastern Finland botanical garden and a Western Finland manor house vestibule, titled Variations for table. The two public shows came to their fulfillment later at a rural cabin performance of the same theme, overseen by nightly rainfall.

A Free Form Art Group.

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LP, limited to 200 pieces, out on January 25th


VALLIHAUTA returns with their second full-length album entitled “II”.

Their mix of traditional doom and punk is now further refined and given birth in form of sludgy bi-polar aggression. With various edges added to the mix, deeper, darker and heavier in spirit, this moat is ready to devour you.

Vallihauta remain true to their trio form and live aesthetic. To praise authenticity II was recorded fully live by Tom Brooke at Tonehaven Recording Studios.

This album is manifestation of group’s natural way of handling many cast iron styles. Outcome represents rough elegance, delivered from the Arctic Circle, where nights are either endless or non-existing, extreme as variations in their self-expression.


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Golden Lampreys – Just Because You Did It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty
12” EP, limited to 200 pieces, out on November 2nd

a1345952052_10The sound of the northern delta and post-industrial premises in its truest form

After years of waiting, they’re finally here. From the industrial landscapes of Pori. From the moisture of the dewy meadows by the banks of the river Kokemäenjoki. From the thick stench of the largest delta in the Nordic countries and the mud of the blackest polluted riverbed. There in the cold depths they’ve lived as parasites, feeding from the bigger fish. Growing and ripening, little by little, slowly but surely, making their way towards the sea.

If you’ve ever wondered what a band with Alan Vega, Mika Vainio and Tracy Pew might sound like, you’ve felt the touch of Golden Lampreys. Known from previous work under Sink abstract, late contributions with visual arts collective IC98 and forward thinking techno outfit OSO among others, the dualistic force behind Golden Lampreys, Aarno Kankaanpää and Henrik Wetterstrand, have become a staple in European freeform art scene within the last decade.

Group’s debut EP “Just Because You Did It Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty” offers four tracks in gold finished detailing, pressing strictly limited to 200 pieces. So consider this as a once in a lifetime opportunity to be there from the very beginning. The duo has performed their debut gigs in France this summer and will return on the road to celebrate the release via Future Lunch.

Golden Lampreys are here. Golden Lampreys are hungry. First they eat your ears – then your soul. Drop some acid and grab a bottle of liquor and you might end up experiencing the electronic primitive of your life – or permanent psychosis. Oh lord!

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